Accountable, Verifiable Destruction & Recycling

Zubick’s industrial bin collection service is backed by complete documentation to ensure your business meets its targets for cost-effective recycling and regulatory compliance.
Our load tickets, invoices and account summaries provide complete details of materials and weights collected for every load. Our processing and disposal procedures are also fully documented for your review and peace-of-mind.

ontario-logoOur staff is well-trained and vigilant in meeting all Ontario environmental standards, including our procedures for managing toxic materials. Inspect the current summary of our Toxics Substance Reduction Plan here.

Controlled Goods Program (CGP)

John Zubick Limited is certified under the Canada/U.S. Joint Certification Program to process controlled goods for recycling and disposal. We are authorized to receive and process whole goods and scrap material under statutes for the Controlled Goods Program (CGP):

  • Disassembly of vehicles, equipment & components.
  • Separation into recycling streams as required.
  • Cutting, shredding and compaction.
  • Delivery of processed material according to customer requirements.
  • Complete documentation of processed material.

Our Controlled Goods team provides a professional resource to work closely with customers, staff and third-party witnesses to ensure a seamless chain of evidence for the processing and destruction of controlled goods including equipment, scrap metals and electronic waste.

*CFC Certification for Air Conditioners and Refrigerators

Homeowners MUST have AC units and refrigerators professionally decommissioned before drop-off for recycling.

The CFC, HCFC and HFC coolants used for refrigeration are highly hazardous to the environment. These coolants can only be extracted by a specially trained technician. A CFC certificate must be attached to your device before we can accept it for recycling.