A Helping Hand for Farm Clean-up

Let Zubicks look after the clean-up work, so you can carry on farming.

When you’re feeling the pressure to clear out your accumulated scrap, our team is ready to make the job simple and efficient. Plus, you’ll get the best return on your recyclables.

We come right to your farm to collect, sort and load out a full range of materials including:

  • Retired machinery and appliances.
  • Worn and damaged tires.
  • Surplus electronic devices and controls.
  • Metal fencing, wire & nails.
  • Metal residue from burn piles.

We are the “no fuss solution” for farm clean-up. We’ll come with all the right equipment to move quickly and leave your site clean at the end of the day, from excavators and steel bins to specialized grapples, magnets and hydraulic shears.

Just call 519.451.5470 and save yourself the time and trouble of a major clean-up. Ask for a personal quote on our fast, painless farm clean-ups.