Toxics Reduction Act – Public Employee Notice

The Toxics Reduction Act (the Act) and associated Ontario Regulation 455/09 (O. Reg. 455/09) was introduced in the Province of Ontario in 2010; the Act requires regulated facilities to complete the following tasks. 

  1. Track, quantify and report annually on the toxic substances they use, create, release, dispose, transfer and contain in products.
  2. Develop plans to reduce the use and creation of these substances.
  3. Make annual reports and summaries of their plans available to their employees and the public.

Section 1: General Facility Information

Business/Facility Name: John Zubick Limited
Street / Mailing Address: 105 Clarke Road
London, Ontario
N5W 5C9
NAICS ID: 331490
NPRI ID: 7325
Latitude / Longitude: 42.98590 / -81.16750
Number of Employees: 55
Technical Contact Highest
Ranking Employee,
Certifying Official:
Ben Zubick
(519) 451-5470
105 Clarke Road
London, Ontario
N5W 5C9
Company Public Contact: Matthew Zubick
Environmental Manager
(519) 451-5470
105 Clarke Road
London, Ontario
N5W 5C9

Section 2: Prescribed Toxic Substances On-Site

Twenty-two (22) toxic substances were identified to be reported on a facility wide basis under O. Reg. 455/09.  A summary of these substances is provided in Table 1 below.  A summary of the reasons for changes in quantification of substances between calendar years is also provided below. 

Cadmium (and its compounds), and lead (and its compounds) were not reported in 2018 but are reported in 2019 as they exceeded reporting thresholds.

Table 1: Substances Reported on a Facility Wide Basis[1]

  • [1] Quantities include road dust for particulate matter

Section 3:  Summary of Changes

A summary of reasons for changes in quantification of substances include:

  • Metals – Disposal of contaminated soils when required. Disposal of contaminated soils increased from 2019 to 2020. This resulted in an increase in cadmium and lead disposals in 2020 compared to 2019.
  • Dioxins and furans and Hexachlorobenzene- These compounds can be created during the smelting process. No aluminum smelting occurred on site in either 2019 or 2020, indicating that these compounds were not released in either year. The substance remains unchanged. nd PM10- A decrease in the calculated amount of emissions to the air due to a decrease in road dust from the variation from year to year of meteorological conditions and due to the dust suppression chemical being applied earlier in the year.

Section 4: Toxic Substance Reduction Plan Update

Table 2 contains an update of the Toxic Substance Reduction Plans submitted under O. Reg. 455/09.

Table 2: Toxic Substance Plans

Section 5: Certification by Highest Ranking Employee

As of October 1, 2021, I, Ben Zubick certify that I have read the report on the toxic substance tracking, accounting and reporting for the toxic substances referred to above and am familiar with its contents, and to my knowledge the information contained in the report is factually accurate and the report complies with the Toxics Reduction Act, 2009 and 0. Reg. 455/09 (General) made under that Act.

John Zubick Limited.


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