Welded Wonders

wallpaper-buttonFanshawe Students Shape Up Scrap Yard

Beauty. That’s not a word that usually jumps to mind when faced with piles of twisted tin, copper, brass, aluminum, steel and iron.

But maybe it should. And maybe it might!

Thousands of pounds of tin, copper, aluminum and steel have been transformed into sculptures for display at Zubicks since 2004. Welded Wonders Project, the initiative of Matt Zubick, a member of the family that owns and operates the east London scrap yard. John Zubick Limited was founded in 1946, and remains one of London’s leading scrap metal yards. The project works like this; the materials for the projects come from Zubicks and the Fine Art (3 year advanced Diploma program) Fanshawe students supply the vision and talent. At Zubicks, we also provide manpower, safety equipment and welding advise free of charge.

Browse through and you’ll see the amazing work being created! Something we at Zubicks are proud to be a part of.

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