Recycling Responsibly

Environmental Responsibility

As an industry leader in clean, efficient recycling, John Zubick Limited is constantly implementing new practices and methods to maximize the recapture of valuable resources minimizing the environmental footprint of recycling.

We are diligent in maintaining all ECAs (Environmental Compliant Approvals) and we make every effort to be in compliance with evolving standards. Our facility is designed to be a “good neighbour” to nearby businesses and to our city.

As members of CARI (Canadian Association of Recycling Industries), we stay in touch with current best practices for recyclers and with new ideas for improving our services.

oes_logoOur Clarke Road facility has been ISO 9001 certified since 2005, recognizing our consistent, transparent quality control standards.
As a member of the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) network, Zubicks is part of the solution “to lead end-of-life electronics collection in an environmentally responsible and cost effective manner.”

Privacy & Secure Disposal

All digital media brought to our eZcycle drop-off is deposited in theft-resistant e-waste bins to keep personal information secure until disposal. The depot area itself is under round-the-clock video surveillance.

Electronic material we collect is processed through one of the region’s most advanced e-waste recycling systems.

city-of-london-logoCommunity Responsibility

The Zubick family believes that responsible business practice goes hand-in-hand with responsible engagement in the social needs of our community. We are pleased to support the principles of sustainability and good health through our local charities.