Tour Highlights

banner-logoZubick’s Roadside Dropoff is Home to the eZcycle e-waste Program.

Trust John Zubick Limited, London’s most experienced recycling specialists, to handle your e-waste easily and responsibly.

No hassle. No fees. Bring any obsolete and damaged electronics from your home or business to the eZcycle depot for trouble-free, certified recycling.


Welded Wonders

Visit our online photos of creative sculptures made from scrap by Fanshawe College art students with Zubicks’ assistance.

London’s Most Progressive Scrap Recycling Facility.

John Zubick Limited has been serving London and area for more than 70 years. We are proud members of the London community and we are pleased to support many of our local business and social initiatives.

Bring it to Zubicks!

Our main drop-off area makes it easy to get fast service and accurate weights for your valuable recyclables such as copper wire, aluminum wire, brass, catalytic converters and batteries.

Remote Operation

Our Vezzani press shear is loaded by a SENNEBOGEN scrap handler that’s run under remote control by the shear operator located in the tower in front of the shear.


Vezzani Press Shear

The 1000 ton shear’s gravity feed reduces energy costs and improves safety, requiring fewer moving parts to stream material into the shear’s cutters.

1000 HP Bonfiglioli Shredder

Whole cars, large appliances, loose tin and industrial waste are reduced and sorted into streams of usable material by our 1000 HP Bonfiglioli shredder. Ferrous metals and mixed metals are marketed to mills and foundries.

Indoor Drive-Through Depot

Our depot is staffed with experienced recyclers to quickly receive and sort mixed loads from homeowners and professional scrappers. Our scales include scanning equipment to screen out hazardous and non-compliant materials.

Aluminum Facility

Our aluminum facility processes scrap ranging from transmission wire to pop cans into various grades to suit different mill requirements.

Each one of these bales contains 27,000 aluminum pop and beer cans ready to be reused instead of mining new ore.