Recycle Your e-waste With eZcycle


PREVENT FIRES! Tape the terminals of expired 9V batteries.

Zubicks created the eZcycle collection and recycling program to simplify the recycling of all e-waste for homeowners and businesses.

eZcycle provides a secure facility for collecting all common electronic equipment and diverting toxic materials from public landfills. Our roadside drop-off depot is open 24/7 to receive your:

  • Computers, Monitors, Hard Drives, Printers.
  • Cell Phones, TVs, Cameras, Recording Equipment .
  • All Common Household Batteries.

eZcycle also provides mobile collection bins to support neighbourhood e-waste drives and fundraisers.

Learn more about eZcycle here!

Secure your personal data!

eZcycle is part of the OES (Ontario Environmental Stewardship) program. This program ensures that electronic recyclables are recovered safely and provides a closed system to help prevent re-use of storage media that may contain personal data.

For your own security, please erase or destroy all personal information from phones, hard drives and other storage media before recycling!