Controlled Goods

John Zubick Limited has been converting waste metals and materials into useful commodities in London, Ontario since 1946. Family-owned and operated for three generations, we take pride in serving this region with:

  • Business integrity
  • Care for our community
  • Respect for the environment

Professional Recyclers [more]

With a 65 year history in scrap collection and processing, Zubick’s is London’s first choice for fair assessments, true weights and competitive pricing on all common metals.

Industrial Recycling [more]

Our industrial experience and expert staff are fully equipped to plan and manage your metal and electronic waste recycling program. Our services are backed by verification and account documents to meet all regulatory and business needs, including Controlled Goods statutes.

Homeowners & Small Business [more]

Our varied recycling services offer a simple, convenient and responsible way for your family and employees to recycle unwanted materials.