Zubick Price List Categories

Updated June 09, 2021

For high-volume loads, industrial pricing, or pricing of items not listed, please call our office at 519-451-5470. Prices listed are current indications only. In the situation of a discrepancy between these prices and our yard prices, our yard prices will be deemed to be accurate.

*Any material that is oversized (Requires cutting before processing), will be $20/nt less than listed price.


Car Bodies - Complete$300.00/nt | $330.60/mt
Car Bodies - No Motor$280.00/nt | $308.56/mt
Car Bodies - Stuffed$280.00/nt | $308.56/mt
Dirty Motors$335.00/nt | $369.17/mt
Appliances/Enameled Tin$255.00/nt | $281.01/mt
Tin/Iron Sheeting$380.00/nt | $418.76/mt
Steel$345.00/nt | $380.19/mt
Steel - Short (Under 2 Feet)$360.00/nt | $396.72/mt
Steel Turnings$290.00/nt | $319.58/mt
Structural Steel$395.00/nt | $435.29/mt
Structural Steel - Short (Under 2 Feet)$415.00/nt | $457.33/mt
Auto Cast$420.00/nt | $462.84/mt
Cast Iron/Encast$335.00/nt | $369.17/mt
Tanks$430.00/nt | $473.86/mt
Reinforcing Rod $330.00/nt | $363.66/mt
Reinforcing Rods - Oversized*$300.00/nt | $330.60/mt

Non-Ferrous - Prices listed based on quantities over 100 lbs.





Stainless Steel/Carbide

Other Items

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